You could spend all of your days obsessing over what other people think of you and at some point or another, we have all gone down this road. Everyone has an opinion, but it doesn’t really matter because other people’s opinions shouldn’t affect what you are doing with your life. Your business is your business. The moment you begin to let other people’s thoughts and values start dictating how you live your own life, it is no longer yours.


"Welcome!!! Stars Dance. This is my proudest moment as an artist. After 4 albums I’ve finally reached my breaking point. This album is about being fierce and embracing who you are. We all were made to be who we want to be. And I would be nothing without every single person reading this. You give me purpose and motivation to be the best version of me. Please enjoy this record and dance with me! Party on baby!!! - Selena Gomez XOXO”